Please take the time to complete the following 'Personal Information Form', which includes a questionnaire related to the characteristics of a church planter. The questions are divided into the following categories:


Questions 01-07

Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

Questions 08-13

Characteristic #1 | The Call of God - Possesses and exhibits a desire to give one's self to the service of God and the church as a result of an internal impulse; expresses a devotion to the work of Christ rooted in the growing conviction that God will use him to faithfully proclaim the Word of God in planting a church.

Questions 14-19

Characteristic #2 | Biblical Leadership - Leads others in fulfilling the mission; respects the feelings, perspectives, and abilities of others and looks for integrating the gifts of the persons with the needs and ministry opportunities.

Questions 20-25

Characteristic #3 | Personal Evangelism - Cooperates with God in the task of leading people to salvation; communicates the Gospel in a style that is easy to understand for the unbeliever.

Questions 26-31

Characteristic #4 | Family Life - Both spouses agree with and share the same vision; each one accepts his role and participation in ministry.

Questions 32-37

Characteristic #5 | Biblical Preaching - Proclaims the Word of God in a redemptive,
convincing, and winsome manner.

Questions 38-43

Characteristic #6 | Church Model - Designs the ministries of the church rooted in biblical principles, taking into account the specific gifts of the leaders and the particularities of the social and cultural contexts.

Questions 44-49

Characteristic #7 | Training and Development of Leaders - Builds and trains followers of
Christ in order that they grow in maturity and utilize their gifts in/for ministry.

Questions 50-55

Characteristic #8 | Administration - Organizes the ministry tasks in an easy way to comprehend and revise; identifies the necessary resources; praises the efforts of all the participants.


CP Self Inventory, Copyright 2009, international Church Planting Center

Please answer each question as honestly as possible, choosing only one answer for each phrase or description. The idea is to get to know you, rather than producing a pass or fail assessment.