who are we?

We are a multi-denominational network that assists church planters

The gospel is neither religion or irreligion, but something else entirely—a third way of relating to God through grace. Because of this, we minister in a uniquely balanced way that avoids the error of either extreme and faithfully communicates the sharpness of the gospel.
— Timothy Keller


We want to start 10 new churches by 2020, but in order to see that happen we need to build a strong base of Gospel-centred, city-focused, reproducing churches. These kinds of churches will anchor the movement as they resource and send leaders and teams into other areas of Japan.


The primary goal of the Grace Church Planting Network is to help start new churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of their cities. This involves working directly with local leaders to start new churches, as well as with other networks, denominations, and other agencies involved in church planting and leadership development in each city. One of the ways we achieve these goals is by hosting regular meetings which facilitate an organic, gospel-centred movement.

Our Movement Meetings include practical content from a variety of speakers, as well as plenty of time for sharing, mentoring, and prayer. If you know of others who would benefit from these meetings then please encourage them to join our mailing list.


January 17th (Thu) 09:30-12:30
March 14th (Thu) 09:30-12:30
May 16th (Thu) 09:30-12:30
July 18th (Thu) 09:30-12:30
September 19th (Thu) 09:30-12:30
November 21st (Thu) 09:30-12:30


09:30-09:45 Coffee time and Fellowship
09:45-10:30 Study and Discussion
10:30-11:00 Case Study
11:00-12:00 Sharing and Mentoring each other
12:00-12:30 Prayer


Tsukishima, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo; ‘Tsukishima’ Station – Oedo Line/Metro Yurakucho Line


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odds of survivability increase by 135 percent when a church planter meets regularly with a group of church planting peers

Supporting Church Planter's Wives

This ministry has a very specific target. We are here to support Japanese pastors wives! Especially those who are in a senior pastoral position and are currently in a church planting season. Often pastors wives find themselves isolated, lonely, and overwhelmed by ministry—with no one to talk to other than their husbands. Our groups are based primarily on trust, along with friendship, the sharing of our experiences in ministry, family life and personal life. They are a place of honesty, of reminding each other of the gospel truth and of encouragement. Our monthly meetings continue to be formative in the lives of all involved. As this ministry develops in different cities across Japan, feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining a group near you!


The Grace Church Planting Network works with Timothy Keller and others to develop books, studies, and online campaigns that address the questions of the city with the gospel. These resources have reached tens of thousands of leaders worldwide who seek to live faithfully and minister effectively in the 21st century. We are helping to bring these same resources to a Japanese audience.

Center Church: Doing Balanced Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City, written by Timothy Keller, is currently being translated into Japanese.


The Grace Church Planting Network is involved in recruiting and training effective church planters through the Incubator and Intensive programs. One of our roles is the help train and coach entrepreneurial pastors in the unique skills and mindsets needed to start self-sustaining, biblically faithful churches that reach city dwellers. We also help train pastoral, cultural, and marketplace leaders to bring the power of the gospel to every part of life and ministry.



The Intensive is a condensed training course for entrepreneurial leaders who are called to start a gospel-centred church in their city. This course includes training by seasoned church planters addressing topics such as:

  • Gospel Theology - How does the Gospel shape and empower the vision and every facet of your church?
  • Ministry Design - What does your unique contextualized city-focused ministry look like?
  • Balanced Ministry - How will the Gospel influence and propel your preaching, evangelism, discipleship, faith and work, and mercy and justice initiatives and bear fruit for your city?

This course is intended for church planters who desire to start a gospel-centred church in one of the major cities of Asia Pacific. Each participant will have either started, or will be planning to start their church within 1 year of attending the Intensive. They will be assessed by City To City recruiters and will receive ongoing coaching and training beyond the Intensive. In order to attend the Intensive, potential church planters are required to take the online CMM Church Leader Inventory (CLI) assessment and Church Leader Spouse Inventory (CLSI) assessment. The results of the Church Leaders Inventory will help affirm whether a person is suitable or not for the intensives training. 



Incubator is a 2 year training program that focuses on process, relationship and reflective practice instead of merely understanding new content.

Each module includes time for sharing issues, personal spiritual formation, and hands-on training that combines both theology, church planting theory and insights from adult learning theory.

Research has shown that an effective urban church planter must be proficient in 4 areas of competence:

  1. Living inter-connectedly with a gospel dynamic
  2. Communicating grace and truth in a way that forms and engages disciples
  3. Creating a missional culture
  4. Executing visionary leadership

In order to help church planters develop toward becoming proficient in each of these 4 areas, the incubator training program addresses such issues as:

  • understanding how the work of Jesus Christ changes everything we are and do, as individuals, as a community, and as a minister of God's grace.
  • knowing how to do self-leadership and self-care before leading others.
  • understanding the context in which we live and how that understanding can help us communicate and develop ministry forms which are meaningful to the people we are reaching.
  • developing the skill of consistently and winsomely presenting Christ to others in a host of new situations, so that communicating Christ becomes an integral part of the culture of the new church.
  • understanding the unique characteristics of the city and of the urban ministry and developing a balanced, missional culture.
  • constantly experiencing the renewing work of Jesus Christ, rather than simply understanding the gospel.
  • developing skills in understanding how people change, as well as learning how to develop programs for spiritual formation and leadership development.
  • learning how to assess people's strengths and weaknesses and guide people to their place of most effective ministry.
  • knowing the value of ministry teams and addressing the specific skills need to recruit, develop and direct teams that build the church and reach out in service and evangelism.
  • constructing gospel-based sermons that make Christ the resolution of our problems and communicate to skeptical listeners.
  • understanding conflict and differences of opinion and how to exercise truthful and powerful communication within these areas.
  • developing the skills and understanding needed to manage vision and purpose in a growing church so that it remains focused on what it is supposed to be and do.

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